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About Booth Cover

Booth Cover was founded after noticing that large insurance companies were ignoring the needs of the photo booth industry. These companies were unaware of the significance of photo booths and frequently associated them with photographers or in the amusement industry. As a result, many insurance coverages were insufficient, useless, or costly. Something had to change. 

Booth Cover is a dedicated photo booth industry insurance company servicing Australia. It’s a company built by industry professionals for industry professionals, providing expert guidance and support to guarantee photo booth businesses are safeguarded.

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Photo Booth Insurance Australia and Policies Guide

Regardless of your profession, all businesses face risks that must be covered by insurance. The most common and comprehensive policy obtained by business owners is the photo booth public liability insurance. If you are legally obligated to pay compensation, the photo booth public liability insurance will help you pay for it.

The photo booth public liability insurance is designed to protect you from bodily injury or property damage resulting from your business. Such insurances are available through Booth Cover. It also covers losses caused by your company’s workmanship and services. Other related policies that we offer include:

Public Liability

If you own and tow a photo booth trailer, it is not typically covered by the insurance policy that covers the towing vehicle. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your trailer, protecting it against damage, theft, or loss in value due to flood, malicious acts, accidents, fire, flood, hail and more.

ADD-ON: General Property

Protect your photo booths, DJ, photography, and videography equipment from accidental damages and theft anywhere in Australia with General Property Insurance. Get 24/7 protection against sudden and unforeseen damages, loss, or theft of your equipment so you can have peace of mind.

ADD-ON: Electronic Equipment Breakdown

Purchasing electronic equipment for your photo booth business can be costly. Protect your investment against the cost of repairs in the event of an equipment breakdown by adding Electronic Equipment Breakdown Insurance to your policy.


If you own and tow a photo booth trailer, it is not typically covered by the insurance policy that covers the towing vehicle. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your trailer, protecting it against damage, theft, or loss in value due to flood, malicious acts, accidents, fire, flood, hail and more.

Air and Sea Shipping

Do you transport photo booths and equipment to Australia by air or sea? If your supplier does not insure your equipment during transit, insurance is a must to protect your investment. Protect your expensive equipment against any damage or loss during overseas transportation.

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Why you Need Photo Booth Liability Insurance

Some business owners believe that photo booths do not need insurances services like photographers insurance. This doesn’t seem right since the photo booth industry is just as risky as any other. To protect your photo booth operation from many claims and risks, you’ll need comprehensive insurance. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase photo booth insurance Australia.

What to consider

Benefits of photo booth insurance

Customers can access pictures or texts from photo booths since they have progressed from random settings to elaborate modern booths with interactive systems. Despite its simplicity, your photo booth business should seriously consider photo booth insurance in Australia. With Booth Cover insurance for your photo booth business, you are insured against unforeseen circumstances. You are also entitled to enjoy a few benefits. These benefits ensure your business runs smoothly and attracts more customers. These benefits include:

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What Our Clients Say

Various customers have said something nice about Booth Cover insurance company services. Here are some examples.


After going through numerous insurance companies we finally feel we have the coverage we require with Booth Cover. The team went above and beyond to ensure the process was easy and ALL of our insurance needs were met. Switching to Booth Cover was one of the best business decisions we have made and now feel we have the peace of mind knowing we are fully covered. Cannot thank Booth Cover enough!



The process was easy and simple! It’s great to finally be able to cover our photo booths anywhere around Australia which gives a piece of mind to both our staff and ourselves. We have been extremely blessed to have come across Booth Cover who are run by industry leaders with experience in what we as owners go through in protecting our businesses. – Thanks Team!



I’ve had Booth Cover for a few years now and although I’ve luckily never had to make a claim (touch wood!), I’ve expanded my business and added various bits of equipment to my policy over the years. The Booth Cover team has always been prompt, easy to deal with and accommodating. Very happy with the price and coverage compared to what I had before.



Starting our new business, price was a big factor. Even an insurance broker admitted they couldn’t get a better deal. Offering a monthly option certainly helped us out as well. Booth Cover’s customer service was outstanding as well answering all our emails, and reproducing documentation quickly for review. We would happily recommend Booth Cover.

Ray and Pennie


Thank you to the team for quickly arranging the insurances I needed to get started with my new business…as it is very difficult to get it from anywhere else. He provided me with top customer service and explained things very clearly. Will thoroughly recommend Booth Cover, and will always be my first point of contact for any other cover I may require in the future.

Chris M


The team at Booth Cover are fantastic to deal with. They understand the photo booth industry and they knew what cover we needed to protect our business. The quote process covered all aspects of our business requirements and now we can rest assured we are well looked after with an industry specific provider and it was super simple! We would highly recommend getting insurance through Boothcover!


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To show your clients that you are insured with the highest industry coverage, get the Free Booth Cover badge to post on your website. These badges distinguish you from the competition and help you secure more profitable deals.

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Every new client receives 5% of their policy value back in Photobooth Finder directory lead credits. Warm leads can result in more valuable bookings than any insurance coverage.

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Booth Cover will supply you with high-quality backlinks that will help you rank higher in search engines. A complimentary backlink in exchange for a testimonial about our service can support your SEO efforts.

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