A Guide to Photo Booth Insurance

Insurance talk made easy to help you decide which policies you need for your photo booth industry business.

Public Liability Insurance

Protect your Photo Booth, DJ, Photography or Videography business from being liable to a third party for damages, losses, injuries or death resulting from your negligence.

Add on General Property and Electronic Equipment Breakdown Cover to cover even more potential risks.

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It is protection against being legally liable for injury or death to members of the public as a result of your actions or actions of people who work for you or from the products you use, supply or sell.

Anyone who operates a business and deals with the public.

Our policies cover approved applicants for 10 or 20 million dollars in public and products liability depending on cover chosen.

Injury as a result of a photo booth tipping over and causing injury or damage, you or your worker causing injury or damage, injury due to someone tripping on a cable or prop.

Any intentional, illegal or criminal acts or acts of gross negligence. Injury to yourself, your workers or your property or property of your workers.

The number of photo booths or stations you operate, as the more there are, the more chance that a possible claim can arise.

Booth Cover Public Liability also includes cover for DJs, Photographers and Vidoegraphers. For all other business activities not listed here please get in touch with us for a custom quote.

Add-On: General Property Insurance

Protect your photo booths, DJ, photography and videography equipment from accidental damages and theft anywhere in Australia.

This is an add-on product and can not be taken out separately from a Booth Cover Public and Products Liability policy.

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It is protection against sudden and unforeseen damage, loss or theft of your booths 24/7 anywhere in Australia, whether at your premises, your customer’s premises or being transported by you or your workers. Cover for theft has to be as a result of violent and forcible entry to the building or vehicle it is stolen from.

Anyone who hires photo booths, as the loss or cost of repairs can have a substantial financial impact on your business. By insuring them, you don’t have to find the bulk of the extra money to purchase a replacement or finance the repair costs.

Our policies cover varying amounts depending on your needs.

Accidental damage, such as falling over while being unloaded from a van or photo booth trailer or being damaged whilst being transported, or due to a traffic accident. Being damaged by fire or storm whilst at your or your customer’s premises. Being stolen from your or your customer’s premises or a van. The cover provides the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged or stolen items up to the sum insured you choose, which should represent their replacement value.

General wear and tear, theft by your workers.

The premium depends on the total value of the photo booths you want to cover.


Add-On: Electronic Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Protect the repair costs for photo booths and other electronic equipment in the event of a breakdown.

This is an add-on product and can not be taken out separately from a Booth Cover Public and Products Liability policy with General Property Cover already added.

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It is protection against the cost of repairs in the event that your electronic equipment breaks down due to an unforeseen cause.

Anyone with electronic equipment that would be expensive to repair in the event of a breakdown.

Our policies cover approved applicants for up to $5000 in repairs or replacement as the result of Electronic Equipment Breakdown.

Reasonable cost of repairs, up to $5,000, of electronic equipment that has broken down due to an electronic or electrical disruption.

Any breakdowns caused by computer viruses, damage due to insects, moths, vermin, wear & tear, atmospheric conditions or moisture.  Restoration of data is not included and electronic equipment over 10 years old is not covered.

There are none. This section provides a maximum of $5,000 cover for any one loss or damage claim.

Trailer Insurance

Protect your photo booth trailers from theft and damages.

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It is protection against damage to or loss of your trailer up to $10,000 in value due to fire, flood, hail, malicious acts, accident, attempted or actual theft.

Anyone who owns and tows a trailer as it is not usually covered by the insurance policy for the towing vehicle.

Our trailer insurance policies cover approved applicants for $10,000.

Damage or loss due to a traffic accident or whilst securely parked while unhitched.

Loss or damage due to being un-roadworthy or unsafe or used in an unlawful manner.

Air and Sea Shipping Insurance

Protect any photo booths and equipment being transported to Australia by air or sea from overseas.

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It is protection against damage or loss of your photo booths and equipment while being transported from another country to Australia.

Anyone importing photo booths and related equipment from overseas if the supplier does not insure them whilst in transit.

Our Air and Sea Shipping policies cover approved applicants for varying amounts depending on needs.

Damage or loss as a result of storm, sinking of the ship or crashing of the airplane.

Goods are covered “door to door” (depending on the terms of purchase)


Loss or damage that existed prior to commencement of the transit, due to unsuitable packaging (if packed by you or your servants or prior to attachment of the insurance) caused by delay, due to mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown where there is no apparent external cause, general wear and tear.

The amount of cover you want should represent the cost price plus shipping cost plus 10%.

Important Information

Policy Express

Basic Excess: $250 Theft from unoccupied and unlocked premises or vehicles: Additional $500


The Photo Booth Insurance Guide is not an exhaustive description of covers, exclusions and policy conditions and should not be relied on as such. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement & Policy Wording for full details.

Offer non photo booth services?

If you have special requirements or need cover for non photo booth businesses we offer DJ, Photography, Videography cover with our base polices and can arrange cover for everything else! Please get in touch with our insurance brokers now for a custom quote.

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